Peavey EVH Wolfgang Neck Inlay

This customer wanted us to replicate a limited edition inlay... here's a photo of the original neck. The guitar would be getting an ebony fretboard as well.

We start with a slab of Madagascar ebony - plane it, cut the fret slots and lay out where the inlay is going to go.

The inlay is a series of intersecting abalone stripes of varying widths in a base of pearl. While the straight lines make some aspects of this job simple, the complex angles and intersections are very difficult to achieve accurately. Here are a couple of the inlays before being permanently set into the fretboard.

The inlays have been glued in and sanded flush to the fretboard...

The fretboard and inlays have been radiused and we're working on the final stages of getting the fretboard and inlays to the desired smoothness.

The frets are going in...

The frets have been installed, beveled and leveled. The beauty of Madagascar ebony is not only in its density, but also that it doesn't require any dye - just a light coat of oil and it's jet black. The next step is polishing the frets.

The frets have been polished and the hardware installed - it's ready to send back to the customer.

The owner was nice enough to send us a photo of his guitar with the neck attached... nice amp!


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