1963 Fender JazzMaster

This photo show the condition of the guitar body when it arrived in our shop. The owner had sent it to one of the best-known shops in the country in order to have it refinished in the correct 60s era 3-tone Fender sunburst. This is what he got back...

Not only was the guitar refinished in the wrong color, they used the wrong type of sealer before applying the final finish. The finish coats pulled off the body in one large sheet at our shop. The owner had also request them to use 100% pure nitrocellulose lacquer - as you can see in the photo below, there's more plastic than lacquer in this finish... we pulled the finish off the back and were able to roll it into a cone! A pure nitro finish will "shatter" not bend. Many shops add what are called "plasticizers" to lacquer to make them easier to spray and polish - but this defeats the purpose of using nitrocellulose lacquer in the first place, as it's pure lacquer's stiffness that preserves the tone of the wood. A soft finish (polys, enamels, lacquers w/plasticizers, etc.) will absorb some of the tone and sustain of the guitar.

Here is the completed and reassembled guitar. The finish is to the customers specs of 100% nitrocellulose lacquer and we followed his detailed instructions on the burst pattern - which is slightly different than most JazzMasters of the period. He was the original purchaser of the guitar back in 1964 and wanted it returned to its original condition. With the exception of the pickguard, all parts are original.

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